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About Hua Yue Cup | 關於華樂杯

2017 Fourth Annual “Hua Yue Cup” International Instrument, Dance and Song Competition is jointly organized by the US Galaxy Arts Center and EDI Media Inc. Based in Los Angeles, this competition is co-hosted and supported by the Central Conservatory of Music, US Galaxy Arts Performing Group, US Galaxy Youth Art Performing Group, South Coast Chinese Cultural Association, Chapman University, Eduteches International, World Journal, and UCLA. Our mission is to promote artistic culture and to enhance cultural exchange across nations. We also aim to provide learning and performing opportunities for music and dance lovers around the world. Our competition is designed to give all participants a chance to showcase their talent and love for music and dance.bottom

2017年第4屆 “華樂杯” 器樂,舞蹈,聲樂國際大賽,是由美國銀河藝術中心和美國鷹龍傳媒聯合主辦。由中央音樂學院,美國銀河藝術團,美國銀河少年藝術團,美國南海岸文化中心,Chapman University,美國國際文化交流中心,世界日報,和UCLA,協辦在洛杉磯舉辦的國際賽事。比賽的宗旨是弘揚各地藝術文化,促進文化交流和發展,增進海內外藝術愛好者之間的交流。通過比賽為我們所有愛好藝術的人們,創造一個展示自我的平台。


Instruments | 器樂

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Dance | 舞蹈

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Song | 聲樂

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